SEED Survey - Languages and Text-to-Speech
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SEED Survey - Languages and Text-to-Speech

Jan 11, 2022

The Student Educational Equity Development (SEED) Survey is offered in English, Spanish, and Russian for the 2021-22 school year. The survey is also available in ASL and Braille. Text-to-Speech for the SEED Survey is available in English and Spanish. Cambium Assessment will announce support for Text-to-Speech in Russian in the coming weeks. Please be sure to have the appropriate language voice pack installed on the device the student will use to complete the survey if Text-to-Speech is required. Text-to-Speech for the SEED Survey is set to ON by default for all students, and can be turned off in TIDE prior to the student starting their survey if desired. Districts may translate the SEED Survey into additional languages for administration offline, and input student responses into the Data Entry Interface (DEI). Please refer to the Online Accessibility Manual (OAM) for more information about accessibility supports, the SEED Survey Quick Guide for procedures for administering the survey, and the DEI User Guide for descriptions of the DEI features and functions.

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