Summative Remote Test Administration – Parental Consent Requirement
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Summative Remote Test Administration – Parental Consent Requirement

Jan 31, 2022

ODE is offering districts the option to deliver remote Summative Tests in 2021-2022. Prior to utilizing remote Summative Tests, districts are required to collect parental consent for student audio/video monitoring during testing. The required Parent/Guardian Remote Testing Agreement is available on the ODE Test Administration website.

On January 31, 2022, a new field called "Parental Consent for A/V Monitoring" will appear on the Student Details Page in TIDE. In order for the student to take any test remotely (sample, interim or summative), the Parental Consent for A/V Monitoring field must be selected by a DTC or STC to either, "Yes, with camera," or, "Yes, without camera." For summative remote test eligibility, the TA, STC, or DTC must indicate that a student also has the Remote Tester field in the Student Details Page set to "Yes."

Audio/Video Monitoring during remote test sessions will be available in sample tests on January 31, 2022, and on April 19, 2022 for Interim and Summative Tests. If district staff has questions, please contact the OSAS Help Desk.

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