2021-2022 Refreshed Science Interim Assessments Now Available
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2021-2022 Refreshed Science Interim Assessments Now Available

Feb 15, 2022

The Refreshed Science Interim assessments are now available. These assessments will replace the Science Interims that went live on August 17, 2021. This refreshed bank contains task items, shorter stand-alone items, and short tests (testlets). It is very important to note that the testlets are made up of the individual items already in the bank. Educators should preview all items and testlets before assigning to students.

Schools and districts may administer these assessments to students in-person or remotely. To assist with questions regarding test administration or viewing results, refer to the Science Interims Quick Guide, which is available on the OSAS Portal. Additional instructions on how to administer these assessments remotely are available in the Remote Testing User Guide.

The Assessment Viewing Application (AVA) is available to provide educators with access to the actual Interim Assessments for administrative or instructional purposes before students are tested. Please refer to the Assessment Viewing Application User Guide for detailed information on AVA. The Centralized Reporting System (CRS) is also open to view results from the Interim Assessments. Please refer to the Centralized Reporting System User Guide for detailed information on the reporting system. Scoring guides are available in TIDE, under General Resources.

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