High School ELPA Proficiency Met
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High School ELPA Proficiency Met

Mar 18, 2022

A new tool, labeled "HS Domain Proficiency Met", has been added to the Student Details page in TIDE to support ODE's new policy for honoring Student Proficiency on the High School ELPA Summative. Please refer to the policy document on the ODE website for more information about this policy.

For eligible students in grades 10-12, exempted domains that are being "carried forward" have been populated in TIDE by ODE in the "HS ELPA Proficiency Met" field on the Student Details page. The appropriate domain exemptions will be applied inside the student's test. This field is not editable; users should contact ODE with any questions about the values populated in this field. Note that after a student completes the ELPA Summative, CRS will only display the score for the domains the student took this school year. The final, overall proficiency score for students carrying over domain scores from a previous year must be obtained from the ODE reporting system.

PLEASE NOTE: High School students carrying over a proficient domain using the new HS Proficiency Met policy must submit any new or changed ELPA Summative domain exemptions (as specified in a student's IEP) to ODE using this form. Please allow 24 hours in advance of testing in order to have BOTH the domain exemption and the HS Proficiency Met exemption applied inside the student's test.

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