ELPA Summative Batch 5 Results Now Available
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ELPA Summative Batch 5 Results Now Available

Jun 2, 2022

The fifth batch of ELPA Summative test results are now available in the Centralized Reporting System (CRS). Batch 5 contains scores for students who completed the remote ELPA Summative assessment from April 19 through April 29, 2022. If you have any questions about the results or viewing reports in CRS, please refer to the CRS User Guide on the OSAS Portal.

Note that summative test results in CRS are unofficial. Official test results should be retrieved through official ODE data applications, such as Secure Assessment Reports. High School tests in Batch 5 which need rescoring due to Honoring Student Proficiency on the HS ELPA Summative are targeted for availability (in ODE applications only) on June 3, 2022. Please contact your Regional ESD Partner for help with accessing ODE data applications.

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