Firewall Software and Domains to Add to Allowlist
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Firewall Software and Domains to Add to Allowlist

Jan 19, 2023

It is important for districts to evaluate and test firewall configuration in conjunction with the Cambium Assessment testing software to make sure students can access the testing system. CAI does not endorse any specific third party firewall software.

Please consider the best practices below when preparing for summative testing.

  • Update firewall allowlists with the domains provided in our Technology Guide. The new domains were also posted in announcements on June 16, June 28, and July 5.
  • If there is a new firewall, coordinate multiple classrooms of students logging in to the sample test via the secure browser. Students should use their own logins in a proctored session. Confirm access to online tests and make sure the speeds are sufficient.
  • If the firewall and Secure Browser are not working together well, start by working with the configuration of the firewall. If an issue with the Cambium Assessment software is suspected, the OSAS Help Desk is the best point of contact for technical issues.

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  • ELPA Screener
  • ELPA Summative
  • OSAS Interim
  • OSAS Summative
  • SEED Survey
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