Using Student Last Names to Log Into OSAS
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Using Student Last Names to Log Into OSAS

Jul 31, 2023

Beginning August 1, 2023, students must log in to the Oregon Statewide Assessment System (OSAS) Secure Browser or student testing site using their last name and Secure Student Identifier (SSID), rather than first name and SSID. The “last name” entered by the student must exactly match information recorded in the student’s Legal Last Name field in the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE). This includes spaces, hyphens, and special characters such as diacritical marks. The system will not recognize shortened versions; use all information present in the field, including names separated by spaces or information that is technically not part of the student’s last name (such as “Jr.” or “III”).

If the student’s legal last name is incorrect, change it in the local student information system first, then in the ODE SSID System. The update should load in TIDE within two business days. Please contact your Regional ESD Partner for further information or assistance.

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