Spanish TTS on ChromeOS Version 119+ Issue - Update
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Spanish TTS on ChromeOS Version 119+ Issue - Update

Jan 31, 2024

Google will be re-adding support for Spanish text-to-speech (TTS) in Chrome OS 121 Stable channel (scheduled for release 2/6/24), and in Chrome OS 120 Long Term Support (LTS) channel (scheduled for release 3/28/24).

  • If your district is already using the Long-Term Support (LTS) channel, you do not need to do anything to work around this issue. LTS 114 does not have the bug and when LTS 120 is released, the bug will be gone. Students will have uninterrupted access to Spanish TTS.
  • If your district is using the Stable channel, you will encounter this bug on ChromeOS 119 and 120. In order to continue to support Spanish TTS on student Chromebooks, you can either:
    1. Switch to the Long-Term Support (LTS) channel, or
    2. Wait until 2/6/24 and upgrade to ChromeOS 121 Stable channel. In the meantime, you can install the Spanish voicepack on devices individually, per the workaround instructions provided in the OSAS Portal announcement “Spanish, Vietnamese, and Cantonese TTS on Chrome OS Version 119+ Issue” posted on 1/17/24.  

The options above are for Spanish TTS only. For students who need TTS on the SEED Survey in Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Russian, the District Technology Coordinator will need to either manually install the voice pack on ChromeOS using the steps provided in the OSAS Portal announcement posted January 17, or the student may use a Windows or Mac device which has the necessary voice pack installed.

For more information about configuring ChromeOS workstations, and the LTS Channel, click here. Please contact the OSAS Helpdesk for any questions.


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