Illustration Glossary Settings for 2019-20 Math Summative
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Illustration Glossary Settings for 2019-20 Math Summative

Jan 2, 2020

Illustration Glossary Settings for 2019-2020 Math Summative

As an enhancement for 2019-2020, students will be able to access an Illustration Glossary for selected construct-irrelevant terms on Math CAT and Math PT assessments. An Illustration Glossary is an embedded designated support that provides definitions for certain words or phrases in the form of an image. We expect this designated support to be available by the end of January 2020.

During the upcoming 2019-2020 testing window, all glossaries must be set in TIDE before the student begins testing (CAT or PT). The Illustration Glossary tool cannot be modified in TIDE after the student begins their first component, nor between components. If a student starts a test with the incorrect setting for Illustration Glossary, the student's test should be paused, the TA should submit an impropriety for the test to be reset, and the proper option should be set in TIDE before the student begins testing again.

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