iPadOS 16+ Now Supported for Online Testing
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iPadOS 16+ Now Supported for Online Testing

Nov 30, 2022

iPads running iPadOS 16+ are now supported for secure online testing. For additional information about supported operating systems, please refer to the Support Plan for Operating Systems in the Technology Guide on the OSAS Portal.

CAI supports the three most recent major releases of iPadOS. In the Support Plan, CAI lists the lowest version of each operating system supported for the school year. CAI internally tests all new minor versions released throughout the school year. If a new version comes out, you may safely assume it’s supported unless otherwise communicated via a portal announcement. However, the new version will not appear in the Technology Guide, and an announcement will not be posted as each minor version of the supported OS becomes available.

Please use the Change Log to track updates to the Technology Guide. Contact the OSAS Help Desk with any questions.

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